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 Week beginning 12th July

We can't wait to have our wonderful Doves back together on Monday. We hope you enjoyed your two days of being a Swiftlet!. We have some exciting things happening this week...


Monday - We are going to be watching a superb BMX display on the playground and on Wednesday we have the Bedford Free Running Club coming into school to do a demonstration. 


English/ Topic

This week we are going to be completing our unit of writing using the animation 'Bubbles'. You can watch the animation again by clicking on the link below 

We are going to be using our imaginations and thinking which destination we would like to fly to on a bubble and why. We are also going to spend some time looking back at our writing journies, seeing how much amazing progress you have all made during your time as a Dove.  



Lots of practical maths activities this week are going to help us to find quarters of different amounts. We will also be practising reading and writing number words to twenty. 





Reading – We will continue our reading carousel timetable whereby all our Doves are heard read twice a week by either Mrs Patterson/ Mrs Meyer and Mrs Manning. Please ensure your child’s reading record is signed when they have been heard read at home. Please remember your child doesn’t have to read the whole book in one evening.. Discussions about the text, making predictions, checking understanding of the meaning of words and talking about the story setting are all really important skills to develop with your child.
Here are some helpful ways to interact with your child whilst they are reading…




Spellings – Please continue to take any opportunity to encourage your child to practise the year 1 common exception words. You could choose a word and ask them to write it into a sentence to help apply their knowledge. We will be setting new spellings each Friday. You will now find a copy of these in your child's spelling book. 




If you would like to listen to some lovely stories being read then log onto

password: love2read


There are many stories you can read yourself if you log onto

password: jqc8925




 Kind regards

Mrs Meyer, Mrs Patterson & Mrs Manning